They're Charming: L'atelier Couture Bridal Boutique

Welcome to our new blog! Here you will find inspiration and education- two very important elements of the wedding planning process! Although we hope to help you every step of the way, we understand that some decisions must come from the heart! SO, we've started the They're Charming series to introduce you to some of our favorite wedding professionals in the Twin Cities region!  

One of the first purchases a bride makes is her dress. So, it seems fitting that our first post is about the dress shopping experience! Allow us to introduce you to L'atelier Couture Bridal Boutique. They have the most GORGEOUS gowns, and their service is superb. Two winning qualities for a boutique!  We asked Amanda, L'atelier Couture's owner a few questions about dress shopping, upcoming "trends" and budgeting. Here is what she had to say (and some pictures of their stunning gowns from a recent shoot)! 

Photo:  Jaimee Morse Photography    | Make Up:  Tina Beaupre   |Hair:  Swept Up    | Floral:  Whimsy Design     

Photo: Jaimee Morse Photography   | Make Up: Tina Beaupre  |Hair: Swept Up   | Floral: Whimsy Design    

Photo:  Jaimee Morse Photography    | Make Up:  Tina Beaupre   |Hair:  Swept Up    | Floral:  Whimsy Design      

Photo: Jaimee Morse Photography   | Make Up: Tina Beaupre  |Hair: Swept Up   | Floral: Whimsy Design     


What trends are you seeing for the 2017 season? Many people know I don’t love the word “trend.” Side note from LVC: the term fashionable or fashion forward is a more appropriate reference term. Wedding gowns are influenced by Fashion Trends, but the gowns ultimately need to transcend the trend. There is so much diversity in styles that each bride can find a dress that uniquely suits her. More brides are requesting simplicity again but wanting sophistication in the design that makes it notably a wedding gown. 

Which trend is your favorite? Lace appliqué. It shows more attention to detail to artfully place beautifully hand made laces on light, subtle layers to create a romantic yet decadent effect. 

Gown vs. dress- is there a difference? They are one in the same. We lovingly call our’s gowns as they are all carefully made for each bride, and we feel it gives the style more importance.

Can you demystify couture vs. bespoke for our couples? I would use the definition here. Couture or Haute Couture is reserved for the ultimate in luxury and is made with more care and refinement. L’atelier is couture

What should a bride budget for her gown? What feels comfortable honestly. Do some research to find styles and designers that align with your personal style and taste. Then find out the price range and see if you are comfortable spending that. Designer Wedding gowns have always been at these prices, so there is nothing new there, but honestly it is the first time shopping for a wedding gown for most people so it is hard for them to understand how much they should spend. The gown is one of the most personal decisions regarding the wedding day and helps guide the style of the day. The gown represents the bride's personal beauty, her journey into marriage, her style and taste, the excitement she feels in it, joy for her groom, and ultimately signifies her day of becoming Mrs. I could go on forever!!!

Who is your personal favorite dress designer and why? Each designer is incredibly important to me and have become family. I have spent many years curating an exquisite gallery of gowns. Selecting each personally and representing brands that align with my mission to carry luxury product that I can stand behind. Our newest additions are quickly becoming my favorites as well as my brides: Inbal Dror and BERTA. They are beautifully and uniquely made. Each designer stands alone in the boutique. I love that every designer has a clear voice. 

What is your favorite dress at the moment? I am loving the new Inbal Dror gown that had the long sleeves and beautiful metallic embellishment, but the clear winner from the most recent bridal market was Romona Keveza Collection finale, #7496. It blew me away. 

What is the most flattering silhouette or style for the "every body type”? A well-structured bodice and floaty circle skirt is a classic shape that almost anyone can shine in. 

What is your advice to a newly engaged bride relative to her dress shopping? Do your research. See what styles suit you and figure out what you are willing to spend on a dress. We are pros and will help you find your dress. We look forward to having you as a l’atelier bride! #latelierbride

You can contact Amanda and her team via email at, phone 612.367.8120 or visit their website. And for some killer dress inspiration, follow them on Instagram

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