VENDOR SPOTLIGHT | Cadence & Eli, Minnesota Wedding Photographers

Cadence & Eli are a husband and wife photography duo based in Minnesota. We've had the honor and joy of working with them on several projects and they're always SO amazing. They're gracious, accomodating, and focused! And they always go above and beyond our expectations to ensure that our couples are over the moon thrilled with their experience.  Which, of course, makes recommending them a no-brainer!  

So,  who exactly are Cadence & Eli? Well, first, here is a snippet from their website's "about us" section: 

"Our love story began on the dance floor at First Avenue. Since then, we’ve danced late into the night at our wedding, traveled to a dozen countries, eaten 3489 tacos, adopted the cutest french bulldog, and left our corporate jobs to follow our love of photography.

We’re happiest when we’re dancing and cooking in our kitchen, laughing with friends over delicious meals, snuggled up on the couch watching our favorite shows, getting lost in new cities, sipping whiskey cocktails, and of course, documenting our lives’ moments–big and small.

It’s how we live we our life and it’s how we’ll approach your wedding day. We’ll take loads of stylish portraits and photos of your families, and with our photojournalism approach we’ll capture the unexpected: hair in rollers, excited hands, bridesmaids sipping champagne, and dads anxiously pacing the halls. We love gorgeous flowers and striking stationery, but what’s most beautiful to us is you. That megawatt smile when he tells your favorite story–or how your eyes sparkle when she walks into a room. We want you to remember the beauty in all of it."

Floral: Sadies Floral  | Social Media: @sadiesfloral

We recently asked them to share some more about their business with us, and offer some advice to our couples. Now, on to the questions! 

What made you decide on weddings as your core photography offering? Weddings are such dynamic days and no two are the same! They're full of big and small moments which we love documenting and there's always some sort of problem that needs to be solved--photography wise. For example, maybe it's a candlelit ceremony in an otherwise pitch black room. Or the bride just started walking down the aisle and it immediately started down pouring....these are all real life scenarios and they keep us on our toes! Our goal has always been to make beautiful photos that are really true to that specific wedding and couple. We strongly believe no two weddings should look alike just because they're in the same venue. We love making photos that are unique.

What is your can't miss moment on the wedding day? It's different for every wedding! I often touch base with our brides two days before the wedding and ask them if there is anything specific they're really thinking about or anything in particular they really want us to pay attention to. We always ask this question during consults but asking it again a few days before the wedding usually illicits different, more specific responses. One recent bride told us her grandmothers would be visiting from Bulgaria and she wasn't sure if/when she'd see them again so she wanted some really beautiful images with them. Because of that quick conversation, we captured some really meaningful moments of the bride getting ready with her grandmothers in the morning. 

For couples (and even those that don't) KNOW how important photography is for the wedding day, when they are selecting a venue for both ceremony & reception, what should they look for to maximize the photography experience? The most important thing is light. If they're choosing an extra dark venue, make sure they choose photographers who are good at working with little to no natural light, or that they choose to add supplemental lighting themselves. If there ceremony is going toe outdoors, consider where the sun will be at that time of day. Just a little advance planning can make the world of different in capturing all those small, split second moments. 

When you think of all of the various "details" of the day, which is the most fun to capture? The bride & groom's personal accessories! It's so fun to see the items they choose to express themselves and/or honor their family members.One groom chose to wear a ring he'd made in high school back he and the bride had just started dating. We always hear the coolest stories when shooting these details.  

What are the most important questions a couple should ask their potential photographer? Ask your photographer about their approach to shooting weddings, and ask to see as much work as possible. A lot of magazines and blogs will tell you to ask about equipment and insurance. If they're professional photographers they should be able to answer those questions easily. But, we think the 2 most important things are that you like the work and that you like them as people. Not only are you going to spend a lot of time together on one of the biggest days of your life, you'll having a relationship with them leading up to the wedding and afterwards--make sure you jive!

How far in advance of the wedding should a couple secure their photographer? For popular dates, probably at least 10-12 months out. But again, it's different for every photographer.

Film is a trending topic in weddings these days- what are your thoughts on film vs digital for weddings? Film has a beautiful quality and the work does look slightly different. If that look is important to a bride and groom, definitely seek out a photographer who is well-versed in film photography and has lots of experience shooting weddings on film.

Find out more about this dynamic duo here and be sure to follow them on IG too! And be sure to check out more amazing photos (along with all vendor credits for the additional talent displayed in these images) from this Black Tie Wedding Inspiration shoot here!